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Our Board & Staff

Feed Iowa First relies on the enthusiasm and support of community members who volunteer their time and talents to serve on our Board of Directors.


President, Executive Director

It is with an extremely heavy heart that Feed Iowa First announces the passing of our Executive Director & Founder,  Sonia Jo (Malone-Kendrick) Stover on March 20, 2018, from this life to another.  As a self-proclaimed Food Democracy Activist, Sonia was a tireless champion of the basic human right that all humans no matter their socioeconomic class to have access to healthy food.   Sonia inspired people from all walks of life.  Feed Iowa First, together with the people and organizations that believed and supported her mission, will carry the ‘fresh produce movement’ into 2018 and beyond.


Vice President


Dora Bopp

Dora Bopp has served on the Feed Iowa First board of directors since its conception. Dora’s educational background includes an AAS in Parks and Natural Resources, BAS in Management and a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. Dora’s professional work has included Project Management, Community Development and Program Management in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She passionately believes in the power of nutritious, whole foods to best strengthen the health of our community.


Emily McCoy


Dr. Hannah Anderson
Board Member

Dr. Hannah Anderson is a chiropractor specializing in wellness planning, nutrition, women’s health, and pediatrics. She sees nutritional deficiencies in her patients every day, and how it affects their health and well-being. She regularly uses nutritional lab testing to help her patients and has seen how deficient our population has become. Without access to high-quality food, there’s no hope of reversing the health care crisis we’re in right now. Dr. Anderson supports Feed Iowa First because helping families gain access to nutrient dense food will allow the people of Iowa to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives! Many Iowans are consuming calories without getting the nutrients they need, and Feed Iowa First is working to change that.


Joe Clark
Board Member

A senior systems engineer at Rockwell Collins, Joe became involved with Feed Iowa First in 2012 when he heard Sonia talk about her vision for the organization and noticed Rockwell Collins was surrounded by lots of unused land. Under Joe’s leadership, Rockwell Collins started its first garden the next spring. The garden now includes fifty 100-foot rows that are managed by approximately 100 volunteers. Joe also started a garden at Hillside Wesleyan Church and is an active member of the Feed Iowa First board.

Joe encourages Iowa organizations and volunteers to get involved in Feed Iowa First. He says that being outside and tending to the garden provides a great balance to his busy schedule, and it has introduced him to many members of the community. Plus, it’s such a great cause. “When I think of the phrase What Would Jesus Do?  The first thing that comes to mind is that Jesus said to feed the hungry. How much more direct can you get.


Lynette Richards
Board Member


Ann Fleckenstein
Board Member


Eric Wullner
Board Member